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Downtown GOP Club

The Downtown GOP Club meets monthly (generally 3rd Wednesday) at Republican Headquarters for lunch beginning at 11:30 a.m. Each lunch meeting has a keynote speaker. Past speakers include: Indiana Basketball Star, Kent Benson; Journal Gazette Editor, Tracy Warner; New Sentinel Reporter Kevin Leininger; 21-Alive News Anchor Melissa Long; and State Treasurer Tim Berry.

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Allen County Republican Women's Club

IRW: Informed Republican Women

Informed Republican Women, click here to go to our Events page for update details. The IRW will be involved in many events during the year. Check out their Facebook page here.


Allen County Young Republicans Club

The Allen County Young Republican Club has long been an integral part of the local party organization by welcoming 18 to 40 year olds to get involved in Republican politics. In 2004, club members worked with many local candidates and were active in the local party organization. The club typically holds monthly meetings at GOP headquarters and also organizes special events throughout the year, click here to check out our ACGOP calendar for YR events.


Allen County Teenage Republicans

The Allen County Teenage Republicans (TARs) was established in 2005 to extend party opportunities to young adults 13 to 19 years of age. The club seeks to foster civic responsibility in the next generation of political leaders, and meets monthly at GOP headquarters as well as sponsors activities throughout the year; click here to check events page for TARS events. Check out the TARS webpage:  for their Facebook page, click here.



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